Quit Smoking Weed – 3 Steps You Cannot Afford To Ignore To Finally Stop Smoking Marijuana Today!


I will assure that you know precisely how hard it is to stop smoking bud. As a former marijuana smoker I am fully conscious of your brain games that you play with yourself, and also explanations that you develop with each and every time you think about quitting. However if you really need to stop smoking marijuana, it’s not going to be easy, but I would suggest you start today by following these 3 steps.

1) Teach yourself – an age-old debate is whether or not people suffer with withdrawal symptoms when they quit smoking bud. Nevertheless, you will not experience the hell you may need to go through when attempting to stop alcohol or hard drugs. I found there have been definite physical symptoms, but that I believe these were brought on by my emotional chaos. You’ll think that you need to possess a joint simply to calm down yourself, and you may tell yourself that there is not any way you can make it into the close of the afternoon with no fast puff. I personally experienced headaches and profuse sweating, and too little sleep for that first week . Nonetheless, it is now a lot more than obvious to me these were caused by my thought process and nothing more.www.trythecbd.com

In order to combat these feelings and any potential bodily symptoms, I believe you must fully prepare your self for that which is ahead. I’d spend some time reading up as much details regarding the subject as possible and therefore give your self the best possible start with being aware of what you’re going to manage. Initially some fresh ideas and feelings you have can be quite upsetting, but if you are prepared to them and face them it will not be a long time before you quit smoking marijuana.

2) Get a pencil and paper – I honestly believe it’s important to have an idea and to set your goals for motivation. The best action to take here would be clearly to write these down. Initially write down why you need to give up and everything you hope to reach by quitting. And then set yourself some goals i.e. treat yourself for some new clothes in a month’s period by the cash you saved from not smoking marijuana. Treat yourself to a holiday from the cash stored after six months.

Once you’ve written out your plans I suggest you put them somewhere else where you will notice them each moment. This could be a sticky note on the wall on the bedroom, on the ice box, and sometimes even in the drawer where you normally hide your stash. That is just a means to reinforce your desire to quit and can assist you to motivate you on the way.

3) Do not be tempted – certainly one of the worst mistakes that lots of people make when attempting to stop smoking bud is leaving a trail of temptation in their own way. If you still have a box filled with papers, matches and lighters, bongs and pipes, then you can be enticed whenever you see them. I remember first keeping a lot of my weed paraphernalia and telling myself”you never know if you might need them”. Little did I realise that this was my mind’s method of telling myself I was not seriously interested in quitting.

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